Sioux North
High School
Sioux North High School
Third Ave, North
P.O. BOX 548
Sioux Lookout, ON
P8T 1A9
Phone: (807) 737-3500 Fax: (807) 737-1979
Deanna Pacheco, Principal
Andy Schardt, Vice-Principal
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Staff Directory
Staff Directory

Staff Directory

Please use the information below to reach our staff.  This page is currently being updated, please check back soon a full staff listing.

To report a student absent, please call 807-737-3500 ext 1

Brooklyn Baker, Administrative Assistant


Extention 1073


Click here to email Brooklyn

Vicky Cuddy, Administrative Assistant


Extention 1072


Click here to email Vicky

Deanna Pacheco, Principal


Extension 1098


Click here to email Deanna

Andy Schardt, Vice-Principal


Extension 1091


Click here to email Andy

Other extensions:

  • Finance - 737-3500 Extension 4
  • Guidance - 737-3500 Extention 5

To access the staff directory, please call 737-3500 and hit the # key.