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Hockey Canada Skills Academies
Hockey Canada Skills Academies


Queen Elizabeth District High School is extremely excited and pleased to announce that we have expanded upon our Hockey Academy, and taken it to the next and highest level. QEDHS and the Keewatin Patricia District School Board have partnered with Hockey Canada, Hockey Northwestern Ontario (HNO) and PowerPlay to become an Accredited Hockey Canada Skills Academy.

The QEDHS Skills Academy is a complete program that includes education, hockey skills, off-ice strength and conditioning, mental training, and personal and team development. This is a great program for those students wanting to enhance their current skill set. The Academy is open to 20 students in grades 10-12 and operates for one period a day during the school year.

Jason MacMillan is committed to the development of each player and providing personalized and directed strategies for improvement. The individual needs of each player are identified by analyzing their academics, hockey skills, strength and conditioning and future goals. As hockey is a team sport, students are then taught how to use their skills to support their team.  All program participants will receive both on and off ice training.

Focusing on individual improvement and team building helps maximize a student’s development potential. The program will offer on-going skill development that will, in turn, create the opportunity to build on individual skills in addition to team development.

QEDHS Hockey Canada Skills Academy has been accredited by Hockey Canada. The framework of the program is consistent with the standards for development set by Hockey Canada.  As well, it is in full compliance with the Ministry of Education provincial learning outcomes for physical education.

To apply to the program, please CLICK HERE and fill out the application before the September 2016 school year.

Who can apply for the program?

Any boy or girl enrolled in at QEDHS for September 2016 in grades 10-12 can apply.

Will my child need to bring equipment?

We expect that some students will have equipment and others will need assistance. We will be working with corporate sponsors to help support the needs of our students and their families.

All program participants will receive both on and off ice training.

The benefits for each participant are as follows:

- Enhancement of individual technical and tactical development along with fitness and nutrition.
- All training sessions occur during the school day.
- Provides a better balance for the practice to game ratio that currently exists. 
- Enhancement of academic achievement through establishing a better balance between athletics and academics within the school system.
- Opportunity to participate in other extra-curricular activities including football, basketball, volleyball, golf, soccer, etc.

Registration Procedures

Any boy or girl in grades 10-12 who is registered at QEDHS for September 2016 can apply. Please click here to access our online registration form and more information about the registration process and fees.

On-Ice Hockey Conditioning Program

The on-ice program consists of the following
• Detailed break-down of all facets of the game, both individually and team oriented
• Qualified on-ice coaching staff

Off-Ice Conditioning Program

Off-ice strength and conditioning highlights
• Qualified off-ice training staff
• Nutrition and supplement guidance

Mental Training

• Goal setting
• Positive reinforcement
• Self Discipline
• Self motivation
• Self confidence
• Breathing techniques
• Team building

Applications must be submitted by the beginning of September 2016 school year. If you have any questions, please call the school at: 737-3500.

Final decisions will ultimately reside with the school principal, Wayne Mercer.